Condolence Blankets

Flower Deluxe Condolence blanket Singapore

The loss of a loved one is a very devastating experience that none would ever want to imagine. It often leaves us in pain and tears. The worst of all is that it throws us with demanding bolts and nuts of having to plan for funerals and more. It is during such trying moments that we need condolence blankets to show respect and tribute to a loved one. A meaningful custom designed condolence blanket is a great alternative to temporary flowers and is a great consoler during such moments of distress. At Flower Deluxe in Singapore, we feel the pain you go through when you lose a family member, relative or close friend. Therefore, we stand and mourn with you by helping you to create custom condolence blankets that convey your message of condolence.


We know that the pain of losing a loved one can sometimes make you stuck on what to say or send. Just contact Flower Deluxe, Singapore and we can help you express the love and support in a more touching manner. Our condolence blankets are specially designed to speak your message in a way that ordinary cards cannot do alone—a lifelong expression of condolence. They precisely say what and how you truly feel about the loss of a family member, friend or relative. They contain printed inspirational messages that convey the sympathy, sense of comfort and warmth at the funeral. Besides, our condolence blankets have the potential to act as a treasured lifelong family keepsake that provides an enduring tribute to the memory of the departed.


Moreover, after the funeral, you can decide to keep the condolence blanket or donate it to a charity organization or needy family since they are durable and versatile. If you’re looking for a unique way to show love for the departed, contact us today and we can arrange everything for you. You can browse a selection of condolence blankets on our website. You can also choose from specific colours, inspirational texts or designs. Together we can mourn or celebrate the life of a loved one through custom condolence blankets.