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There’s no other better way to do gift giving than using flowers. Flowers can brighten up someone’s face, set the tone and give a theme for an event.Therefore, every bouquet that you design must be done to perfection. At Flower Deluxe, we are determined to help you express love, friendship, sympathy, respect, condolence and more with quality flower packages in Sembawang, Singapore. We care about your feelings and how you express them. If you can’t decide on the right floral package to choose, then just allow your trusted Sembawang Florist to distinctively and creatively craft the perfect bouquet for your event. You can simply tell us your recipient and occasion and we do the rest.


With your reliable Sembawang Florist, we can help you to pass your message in a manner that you mean it. We work with all types of flowers such as lilies, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, carnations and gerbera and much more. Being a leading Sembawang florist, we specialise in providing custom and inspiring floral designs for all types of occasions. From beautiful weddings to elaborate corporate events in Sembawang estate, we can cater for all your floral needs. In case you are stuck on picking the right floral selection, our Sembawang
floral experts will guide you in finding the right bouquet that complements your event.


Regardless of your budget, your Sembawang florist will transform your event into a meaningful one. Just give us your specifications and we can design the best floral arrangement for your Sembawang event. You can order our flowers online and enjoy free delivery. You can explore our vast array of floral designs and types or give you your specifications so we can craft it for you. Whenever you think about flowers, then think about Flower Deluxe, your reliable Sembawang florist. Feel free to contact us today for more about flowers for events.